Mastodon on Dropbear

Had to do a quick changeover from back to my juniper gateway. For some reason the pfsense firewall crashes and continually reboots.

Add in a whole bunch of Xwayland or xorg problems on the host I use to access the pfsense VM and it wasn't a fun evening

I wondered why my firewall wouldn't use static routes to the openvpn link. Seems you don't do it that way (use remote IPs in openvpn setup). The documentation even says so.

Next will be to have another go a PBR so certain ports go out that way.

I got the official green light to pilot a migration from #pfSense to #OPNsense on my team at work. Yay!

Was playing around with on No matter what I do I cannot get it to ignore I do checksum errors so the logs are full of it.

I'll see if has the same problem

Been playing around with ELK ( and ) stack this weekend. Still needs more tuning to remove the noise but it's a very capable setup. The setup for it was fiddly but gives some good results. Also, not sure if logstash should be between filebeat and elasticsearch or not.