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The entire batch of missles owned by the Japanese Navy failed to do it but 4 shoulder mounted ones will.

Pilot: Now we've dropped those two off how about we all have a quiet lunch? I've heard there's this great place in Osaka.

At least if there is space Godzilla the JWS telescope's mirror will save us

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i haven't even tried it on yet

not gonna til it's washed

but i've got

soooooooooooooooooooo much hype in the pipe

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Banks are great!

Me: I need this question answered, Ah they have online chat
Bank chatbot: sorry can't answer that, please call us
Me: calls then trawls through banks IVR
Bank IVR: all applications must be through the website

Woocommerce is at version 6.6.1?

<crosses fingers> Five more point releases, come on, five more point releases!

thinking about the Unicode 6.0 and Unicode 14.0 standards' depictions of U+1F47E 👾 alien monster

when the ransomware gangs take over the information superhighway, pray he's out there somewhere

All network engineers should be thankful no matter how badly we screwed up some BGP config ( and we all have ) we didn't take out 19 data centres and a significant proportion of internet web traffic.

I remember that back in the 2000s on Windows there were programs that could automatically extract sprites and other artwork from game data files — they would basically scan for formats commonly used in games. Are there such utilities today for Linux?

How do your know your VPS provider is secretly a snake:

Event Type: Network Upgrade

We are performing system changes in the Sydney locationssssss during the following scheduled maintenance window.


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