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Getting semi-serious about cider this year. Those apples are really in for it this time.

Wish there was some way to make people who haven't been on here for a few years give it another look

"It's so hard to talk about Game of Thrones without spoilers. Especially once the aliens show up."

Happy 75th birthday ENIAC!

75 years ago today, the ENIAC, the first electronic computer was revealed to the public

It was designed by John Mauchly, a physicist and J. Presper Eckert, a mechanical engineer. The programs it ran were coded & implemented by a team of six mathematicians, Kathleen Antonelli, Jean Jennings, Betty Snyder, Marlyn Wescoff, Frances Bilas and Ruth Lichterman

Watching Citizen Kane (my daughter’s Valentines Pick), lots of things resonate with the time now.

Me: :blobcatsleep:​

My brain: A secure #Gopher protocol would be gophers:// which implies that there's safety in numbers.

Me: :blobcatumm:​

I've always used Apache as webserver, just because that's what I'm used to.
It seems that Nginx is now (by far?) the most popular server. Is there any particular reason why it's become so popular? What's the main advantage over Apache?

View of the storage lake from the saddle dam. This dam is a secondary one made of crushed rock and is only for the small gap on the side between two hills (hence the saddle)

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The river below the dam not the damn. Nothing at all wrong with the Cotter River.

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Cotter dam is full! Last time I visited here which was a few years ago there was nothing going over the wall.

The flowing river below the damn is lovely to dip your feet into.

Next episode of "reasons why people hate real estate agents".

Get a SMS and email saying my account is in arrears.

For something due today. Which was paid today. It's only 11am too.

Of course they know the territory de-fanged most of the protections for renters so they'll keep doing it.

Wow, Audi Australia spammed me to a non-existent email address.

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