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is good for checking my command line programs, such as the ones in work, but its such a fragile kludge. I got one test failing due to the order its run in and another due to the odd way the build system presents ttys

It means the procps package that enables link protection is delayed for a day

version 4.9.4 is out and the packages are being uploaded right now.

You may have seen a lot of noise about 4.9.4 and how the sky is falling with 4.9.3 and you really need to update. The problem with 4.9.3 is it breaks the auto-update but if you use the Debian packages you don't use that method anyhow.

Still its good to update, if only to have the latest set of WordPress bugs in your system.

This update does not have the resource DoS fix ( CVE 2018-6389 )

Honestly I align myself with "free software" but I highly empathize with the goal of having a clearer term in English. I do think that, in practice, communities have been divided in such a way that "free software" folks talk more about ethics and "open source" is more susceptible to openwashing.

Clarity is good... I rarely say "free software" as often as "software freedom" for those reasons. And it's nice to see, in the words of the woman who actually coined the term, that the goal was clarity.

i wish all games these day were like MYST again, were nothing happens and you need pen and paper to solve the puzzles.

Article by Christine Peterson, the woman who coined the term "open source software", on her own account of how that happened:

If the Bible stated right from the beginning something like :

And the Lord saith : Β« Thou shalt encrypt thy communications, for fucketh sake. And thou shalt useth state of the arts algorithms madeth by those mathematicians & programmers, whose name shalt be blessed. Thou shant speaketh using unencrypted channels. Β»

Instead of gibberish stuff, things would have been way much easier πŸ€”πŸ€”

The things we search for are often easier to find than we think

So the @420bot code is working. Thanks to @halcy for the library and @aparrish for the documents and example bot.

Still have no idea why you need to register the client as opposed to the user, but there you go.

Last week the projected number of active users on Mastodon reached 87k

htop 2.1.0 is officially released! and you heard it first here on Mastodon!

Using that rake job mastodon:media:remove_remote freed up so much of my diskdrive on my

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