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So, I got a couple bug reports, we're gonna fix these and release another patch asap. I'm really sorry about bothering admins like this. 😦

On the upside, the earlier the new stats get tracked, the better, so an early upgrade was not a waste.

saw a guide for a mysql library that said that using prepared statements was a "premature optimization".

The security updates for Stretch just got uploaded. This fixes CVE 2017-1709[1234] which was in WordPress 4.9.1as well as CVE-2017-16510

Jessie updates fix these and CVE-2017-9066 and will be ready for review if I can get my build environment happy.

The year is 2382. #infosec has run out of scary names for breaches, bugs, and vulnerabilities and has adopted the storm system naming convention from the National Weather Service.

Thousands live in fear of the remote code execution called "Dwayne."

Fun fact: Most sites support pressing the question mark key (?) to look at a full list of their keyboard shortcuts.

Knowing this, you can learn to use your favorite sites much more efficiently.

So, here is my plan to become the ultimate pirate!
I'm gonna make a little device with an FPGA and a screen. The FPGA will output every possible number in order as RGB images on the screen.
This will theoretically create every frame of every movie ever made or ever to be made or never made, doesn't matter, it will output it. Also every page of every book.
This will hopefully shake my relatively boring life as I will have to constantly run from the cops to evade theoretically infinite years in prison.

#ff @Curator, he boosts art from his instance


"(...) Our internal experiments confirm that it is possible to use similar techniques from Web content to read private information between different origins.


The resolution of will be reduced to 20Β΅s.
The SharedArrayBuffer feature is being disabled by default.

Furthermore, other timing sources and time-fuzzing techniques are being worked on."

At night, she spoke to dead gods under the sea. They rarely replied, except to murmur "You can solve that yourself."
They were never wrong.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Happy new year! Here's a #StarWars OC commission I finished recently! I'm real happy with how it turned out, and the BG was a lot of fun to work on \o/
#mastoart #art

This happens to me even when I don’t have a job! Heheh. Very accurate.
RT The Christmas Holidays are over. #backtowork

Honestly I can't fucking believe an article with the headline "Why tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017" written by the Verge didn't mention Mastodon. Like, what. What?

First drawing of the new year!! A gift for a friend who has a birthday tomorrow

Ah, that familiar, dour feeling when you kill -9 a process and nothing happens, meaning it's sitting somewhere deep in the kernel (or more likely, a driver) like a sludgy, lurking toad, waiting for something... waiting, waiting, until the stars burn out...

I went and saw The Last Jedi. I enjoyed it and don't understand what the fuss is about. It's a movie not some science textbook.

Just sit back and enjoy the explosions.

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