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there's only one important thing new users have to know:

Gargamel is ALWAYS working on fixing the emojos

the "free" in free software stands for freedom to eat pineapple pizza

Back online now, it seems my cert didn't renew behind so I switched to their origin certificate

Green is no, yellow is wait, red is go. Tomatoes work the opposite than street lights. #Showerthoughts

@djsundog "We hand select only the finest lines of code from our stock. These lines are then aged in the highest quality charred oak barrels, while music is piped into the room. Only after this process is complete are they ready to pass on to you!"

For the first time in many years I rode my bicycle to work. I am lucky to live near a city where there are many bike paths through the parks.

25 minutes of cycling through the trees is way better than a bus or driving in traffic.

The patch to hash the new user tokens for is in the 4.8.2-2 version of the package.

It will be in the security package once it has been reviewed and will be part of the 4.8.2 backported patches for Debian stretch.

@fsf to borrow an idea from the DPL (because I don't think he is on this)

Happy 0x20 birthday!๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚

1996: what the hell is a regular expression?

2005: i encounter almost no programming problems that cannot, it seems to me (an idiot) be solved by a judicious application of regular expressions to strings

2017: i use regular expressions mostly as a shorthand for correcting typos in chat, and mostly screw up the syntax when i do

Another security issue. Not 100% sure of the impact.

This will be patched in the next package available soon. Including the stable package.

wp_signups.activation_key stores activation keys in plain text

Just so I remember next time, the Aruba Wifi filters out multicast packets which is why Avahi mdns service fails to work

@smallsees Note that has many limitations. For instance, it parses only a few resource record types (see the unknowns in

don't forget, if you have a friends or neighbors who requested to be woken when september ends tonight is your time to step up and shine

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