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Craig Small 🍅 @smallsees

one of the very awesome things about a federation like this one is that we can easily make a wide range of sociological experiments at medium scales.

Paid subscription instances, open crowdfunded, ad-financed, opaque-donations, mysteriously-funded, whatever. Direct democracy, admin council, any kind of election and dictatorship, ... You can do it and we can *compare*.
that's potentially very instructive.

I am sure has obtuse error messages on purpose

4.8.1 packages uploaded today.

Not a security release so don't worry about rushing it. Looks like minor changes from what I have seen of it.

After a bit of mucking around I am now on 1.5.0 of

@msh be doing the same in about 3 hours from now

@gamingonlinux I thought it might be like the ancient Kennedy Approach game.

@body Number #2 may be fun too. Sentinent coffee ball ☕⚽❤️

@body number 6 though number 8 has some appeal depending how annoying it is to me and others


1. Mecha-satyr designed by someone who doesn't know about digitigrade legs

2. Orb, Keurig branded

3. Living Adidas tracksuit worn by a 3rd-party Hatsune Miku instance

4. Dog, non-idealized

5. Taur-shaped autonomous killdrone (must work 12 hours a day but you won't remember any of it)

6. Perfectly optimized rationalism mainframe (prone to sudden and prolonged fanfic-writing binges)

7. Slime entity, non-idealized

8. Benedict Cumberbatch fan-clone (malware-infected)

@kevq look on the federated timeline or search on Google for Mastodon and tags I'd be interested in.

I agree finding things is tricky.

I'm loving #Mastodon so far. However, I'm finding myself joining extra instances all over the place to find people in the same niches I like. It's frustrating, and I feel one of the big limitations of Mastodon that may force it to hit a glass ceiling eventually. Unless someone has a better way of doing things? How do you folks discover new people, do you just stick to the federated timeline?

Do those new network interface names in suck hard or what. That change killed all my virtual machines.

Ah. I had a mail server problem which held up the bug report

@cy the NC stops primarily commercial use. So a paywalled site where you have to "donate" to get access I don't think could use NC. However your blog or a Mastodon instance with "if you like it please donate" link could use NC because the money link is not the primary purpose.