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I never knew there was a follower tab on GitLab until today, so curious to see what was there and.. WTF?

Why would a Flight Attendant, set designer, several personal trainers and a film producer even be on GitLab let alone be following me.

Scams obviously, but what's the scam?

#DOFH excuse #68:

National Security Letter received, that's all we're allowed to tell you.

Tried to get to decrypt and resolve The decryption was the easiest part but resolving was fiddly. It seems the Wireshark mib path is not quite right.

If you ever thought, "Hmm, this new 'Livejournal' thing all the kids are talking about is *pretty cool*, but what if it was also private from server admins and used a static site generator"... then wow, do I have the protocol for you!

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@smallsees absolutely. characters should frequently stop doing everything so they can recite forty verses about how the Elf Lord Vagisil met the fair Lady Benadryl under a willow tree and fair was the sky that morning

my sister was insisting that a glowing rock that she was working on in her dnd world needed to be magical and I was like, nah some rocks just glow. y'ever heard of yooperlite? straight up glows under UV light and it's found right here in michgian.
she was like, "WOAH"

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I switched from Latex to Mom & groff for writing papers this year, and holy shit it's 100% better than Latex. I love the line-based roff markup anyways, but it's so much simpler, wayyy better documented (without needing 15 external packages to do literally anything), and you still get equations, figures, tables, bibliographiesm the whole shebang. And it was soooo much easier to set up proper MLA and APA templates, because some of my teachers are very strict about their style guides

Highly, highly recommend Mom:

See also: (wayback machine because link suddenly disappeared literally like a week ago)

thats mii in the corner
thats mii in the spot light
bowling on nintendo



some ohms if you need them

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Let's see if this works as well as on birdsite :
・ 。
  ・ *゚
  ・ ゚*
°*. ゚。
。。 ・
。 ・゚

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