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this is the end of this meme

damn it's hard to caption a meme

I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

@smallsees I used to play a web game. Its software bug set my VIP trial expiration date to the year 10000+, another bug gave me a level-up time of exactly 0 seconds.

As the Moon revolves around the Earth, the angle we see it compared to the Sun. This causes a change in the amount of the Moon we see illuminated, the lunar phases.
It is important to remember that exactly half the Moon is illuminated by the Sun at all times.

My ISP billing system is having a bad day:

"The due date for your invoice [removed] has been extended to 44732, and your payment will be processed on this new date.

If you are not set up for automatic payment or prefer to pay earlier, please arrange a manual payment before 44732 via one of these methods:"

It is nearly 44732 days since 1st January 1900, someone clearly didn't check these automatic emails too well.

New Ebook Bundle! 🚨

🎁 The Humorous Fantasy Bundle - from StoryBundle

You'll laugh so hard, dragons will come out your nose.

Fantasy novels that show the lighter side of epic quests. Sometimes spells go wrong, magic swords have a bad attitude, and dragons just don't behave as they should. You'll have a laugh-out-loud time reading these fun adventures.

#ebooks #DRMfree #bundle #fantasy #humour

Hey everybody, I'm in the process of starting the data collection part of my thesis on Why people are Joining Mastodon. I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in an interview to share their experiences about their time on the platform. If you want to
participate or have any advice (which I really appreciate) please dm me. Thank you all very much!

Someone had a granite headstone made for Internet Explorer and placed it beside a tiny church on the rooftop of a cafe in Gyeongju, South Korea:

Don’t spell part backward. It’s a trap.

Tried to send an email somewhere and found my IP address was blocked by proofpoint.

This server never has sent spam ever. It doesn't appear in any other Blocklist.

So, good job proofpoint what a champion setup you have there.

Today, 2 of the Tek Jrs confessed that they don't like my homemade tacos.

This will make writing my will easier.

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