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Time for jab #3 or maybe jab - Judgement Day, jab infinite? No they are both terrible names.

I'm seeking volunteers for a rather "fun until it is clearly not fun" project - polishing/testing/cleaning up the Internet Arcades at the Internet Archive. I'm looking for people willing to play a LOT of games and make a LOT of notes. If that's something you want to help with, DM

Original tweet :

The poll to end all polls.

Is it thought that every 256-bit int could be a valid SHA-256 output?

@smallsees I was wondering the same thing in a followup post after reading some more documentation, and was debating with myself if I should delete the original.
In my setup, I did overwrite RequiresMountsFor with additional paths, and I'll see if that made a difference tomorrow (I didn't want to rotate the logs out of schedule on the affected system). If it does, I don't know how that behaviour would fit with the docs - and if it doesn't, I'm obviously on the wrong track with suspecting systemd

The werewolf approached the pale figure shivering in the snow.

Making sure his mask was secure over his muzzle, he coughed politely.

The figure's eyes glinted up, fearless and a little hungry.

"Bad hunt," asked the werewolf.

"The worst," hissed the vampire, "My usual targets have been full of bleach or dewormer!"

The werewolf nodded sympathetically, "Why not come back to my den for a warm bite to sip?"

The vampire agreed glumly.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

My gf and me are wondering....

What year was more crappy for us hoomans?


what will be the big surprise of 2022?

Happy new year!

Not only did we get to see fireworks over the bay the ISS flew overhead and we saw that.

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