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I have thrown
my computer
from a four-story

Forgive me.
There were so many
that did not find me well.

There are an awful lot of VIM swap files being packaged with software.

Remember to add “.*.swp” to your .gitignore

There are lots in the recipe directory of Miniconda packages. It’ll give you developer names and their development computer names.

Another for the pile of “falsehoods programmers believe about identity”.

1 email = 1 person

Someone teach the couples about plus addressing:

Same mailbox*, supposedly unique.
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Boomer couples all over the country now realising their 'we only need one email address for both of us" strategy has a fatal flaw as they try to register for vaccine passport

It's the first anniversary of FediFollows' companion account FediTips, which regularly posts useful hints on how to use Mastodon and the Fediverse.

You can follow at:

➡️ @feditips

Happy Birthday! 🍰 🎈

#Fediverse #FediTips #MastoTips

What is it about companies annoying their customers? They're all doing it now.

VPN company:
Hey here is something that almost looks like it came from boomer Facebook,here's another.

Youre a subscriber, how about we email you contiously about other subscriptions?
Ok, how about we put it in the app?
(Tries to close)
Haha, jokes on you the dismiss button doesn't work.
Oh here is some bullshit cover of a pink Floyd song you didn't ask for you can't stop because of this ad.

Intel's 4004, the world's first single-chip microprocessor:

4 bit
2300 transistors
108 kHz clock speed
50 years of age

Happy Birthday!

i regret to inform everyone that @wandrew has been detained by the FBI. he was in an AOL chatroom, and and undercover agent typed "A/S/L?". two hours later, this agent offered to sell him thousands of pounds of fertilizer to kill an archduke, and wandrew took the bait

@smallsees I really need to get there sometime soon. I managed the exact opposite achievement this year though, at -12 metres!

Welcome to the top of Australia.

This is the monument on the top of Mount Kosciusko which is the tallest mountain in Australia at 2228 metres.

I've done this walk before without the snow so it's a good comparison. Most of the hike 8lis easy enough but there were some small drifts to cross.

The idea that the toys we had as children were anywhere near as cool as the stuff kids have today is just ludicrous

Went down the coast on the weekend and found this guy next to the wharf. Seemed happy enough wandering around the tiny fish and kicking up sand.

The ray was about the size of a dinner plate with the tail.

at this point I've taken to calling Debian "Frank's RedHot OS" because I put that s#!t on everything now

An alarm clock that costs $200?!?

What could it possibly do for me that a normal alarm clock can't?

[Looks at picture.]

Oh. I see. Well that's a bold choice.

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