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Nice "what's my IP" service that is not festooned with ads:

The young singer practiced, alone out in the woods.

She didn't know why she'd been chosen for the upcoming solo, and her anxiety grew with each line. By the middle her voice was tight enough that it was little more than a high squeak, detectable only by the nearby werewolves, who raced over to her.

She managed a yelp, and they howled excitedly in response - audible to the town's gates. They invited her to join and by dawn she outsang them.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

@smallsees ah right, then yeah the dead ACN is the reason, not a policy change. It's theoretically been invalid since that happened but there were never any automated checks, usually only flagged if someone complained or challenged the registration. I bet they've upgraded something and cross check with ASIC automatically now.

Shouldn't have any eligibility issues if you still have an ABN, but transferring from an entity that no longer exists could challenge first level support. Good luck.

Thank god. The FTC is finally tackling the tough issues that plague the common person.

Report: FTC investigating McDonald's and why their ice cream machines are "always broken"

Further reasons why the Australian domain registra sucks.

After about 20 years they have changed the rules. Did they tell anyone about this? No they did not. You just get some strange error you have to follow up with the registry.

Has something changed in your registrant information? No domain for you?

Do you need to change the registrant information? You cant.

#introduction post time I guess.

I'm a mid to late 30s white guy on Ngunnawal land (Canberra) in Australia, soon to be moving to palawa land (Tasmania).

I'm on the fediverse to follow my infosec friends, meet new people, learn more about solarpunk, anarchist and adjacent ideas.

I generally don't have much to say but will boost cool stuff.

Well #hello there, :ablobcatwave:
I've been told an #introduction would be a good idea so:
I'm a #german #cybersecurity student with a little #sysadmin experience.
Other than studying and work I mostly use my #computer for #gaming or watching some #livestream.
Recently in the process of looking for #alternatives, like #linux over #windows, #signal over #whatsapp and so on.
Other interests include #cars, #headphones, #gadgets, #raspberrypi projects and lots of things I can't think of right now.

Hey, I'm Cass.
I've never been into social media much, but I'm a big fan of #floss and #decentralization, so I thought I'd give Mastodon a go.
I like to make things: mostly #electronics things, but sometimes #software or needlecraft too.
I'm studying #engineering. I use #linux. I read a lot of #scifi, and some #fantasy and horror as well. My music and film tastes are pretty broad. I used to be on a #robotics team.
Anyway, that's my #introduction. This'll be fun. Cheers! 🍻

Doomyflo creates lovely crochet figures based on free open source projects (and other topics too). You can follow at:

➡️ @doomyflo (in French)

They also have a PixelFed account at:

➡️ @Doomyflocrochet (in French)

You can see more about Doomyflo's crochet at

#Doomyflo #Crochet #Crocheted #Crafts #Art #Craft #FOSS #Libre #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Français #Francais #Amigurumi

As he polished the old lamp, it shook violently. Suddenly, a genie appeared.
"You have freed me. You may wish for whatever you want."
"And you will grant it?"
"What? No. But I will listen to your wish, and I will not judge you."
"Huh. That's... just what I need."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

#DebConf21 day 1 has ended, stay tuned tomorrow Wednesday 25, August 15:00 UTC. The schedule for the day is . Thank you to all of our contributors, viewers, and to our Debconf Video team! See you tomorrow!

Ubuntu users, please take note, and boost if possible, this bug report about installer issues with Orca. The OS installer is the first thing many users will experience of an OS, and since, for better or worse, Ubuntu is the "flagship" end-user-facing Linux distro, accessibility should be kinda important. I know, volunteers and accessibility don't pay the bills and all that. Whatever. I'm done discussing that, I'm tired of excuses. Below is a link to the bug report:

#accessibility #a11y #linux #foss #ubuntu #orca

I’ve been saying I want to learn tcl for months already and yet haven’t even started

Why am I like this. This is something I should work on lol

Tomorrow at 23:00-23:45 UTC (7pm US Eastern, 4pm US Pacific) @kayleachampion will be presenting her research w/ me on Detecting At-Risk Projects in #Debian at #Debconf21:

#Debconf21 is online and free and open to anyone. The talk will be "Venue 1" linked to here:

New Bundles! 🚨

📦 Shadowrun 6E Stories - from Bundle of Holding
📦 Unix & Linux - from Humble

Find these and many more DRM-free ebook, digital comic, & RPG deals on Libreture's Bundles page!

Magic Aye is a bot that posts automatically generated autostereograms (aka "Magic Eye"). You can follow at:

➡️ @magic_aye

You can see the 3D images hidden in the pictures by making your eyes focus behind the image. (It can take a while to do this if you haven't done it before. Enlarging the image may help.)

More about this topic:

#MagicAye #MagicEye #Autostereograms #Autostereogram #3D #Stereogram #Stereograms #Fun

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