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Favorite LED color?

The reality is cuter but less awesome than fire breathing alien dragons

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I am looking forward to beating Canberra's traffic while riding my dragon to work πŸ‰

Tidbinbilla is also home to NASA deep space network telescope listening to things "out there". πŸ‘½

I don't know what most of you are talking about

Google's Fuchsia object capability security (ocap) based OS is rolling out:

Since most of my work in the last number of years is involved in object capability security, this does give me some hope. I wonder if anyone has given it a spin?

I guess here would be the right place to get started:

Just found the official video for one of my favorite #Eurovision songs and oh my gosh I think I like this band even more now.

- "This song is about loving someone."
- "Yes yes right but what if the music video was about an Icelandic #SuperSentai team?"

Belarusian secret police organized a fake bombing to hijack Ryanair plane Athens - Vilnius to capture one of the former Nexta telegram channel editors. He is now arrested in #Minsk. #Belarus WTF?!

RT spun up a bot this week to help migrate away from legacy communities to the new Matrix Spaces - give it a go and let me know how it breaks :)


Red Squirrel vs Gray Squirrel

Choose your favourite

#freenode staff resigning:

"We are founding a new network with the same goals and ambitions to support #foss and likeminded #communities:"

Clothes that you can't clean with water are the dumbest thing in the world

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