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version 3.3.17 was
released today. This version has some minor fixes and improvements and now
includes some translated manpages. Other enhancements include:
* New command pwait - waits for a given process to finish
* Top handles more CPUs more gracefully
* sysctl now follows the systemd version better, especially around
directory order

procps-ng v3.3.17 is at gitlab at or a tarball on
sourceforge at

Linus Torvalds:

β€œSo it’s the biggest sporting day of the year here in the US, when everybody is getting ready to watch the yearly top TV commercials, occasionally interrupted by some odd handegg carrying competition that I still haven’t figured out the rules for after twenty-odd years here. It’s kind of a more violent and hands-on team-oriented version of the traditional egg-and-spoon race, and involves a lot of standing around, apparently waiting for the next commercial to come on. Outside the US, everybody scratches their heads about the whole thing, and hopefully life goes on with the weekly celebration involving compiling and testing new kernels instead.”


version 23.4 was released today, both as an upstream source package and package 23.4-1

This release has some minor fixes and updates; if you liked the -Z flag in ps, then pstree has this for you.

Maybe fuser will be less confused about device IDs, but I'm pretty sure someone out there is crafting up an even stranger storage device setup.

Tarballs located at or get it from git at

packages for 5.6.1 were just uploaded to the Debian FTP servers.

It fixes 20 bugs and 7 issues; not sure what the difference is but there you go.

While 5.6.1is a short-cycle release, it may be the one that gets frozen in the next Debian stable, due to timing of the freeze and the 5.7 WordPress release.

What is your choice if you leave #CentOS?

Please help me share.

:redhat: :centos: :clearos: :rockylinux: :fedora:

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #GNU #Linux

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#2420 Appliances 

If you had an oven bag and a dryer that runs unusually hot, I guess you could in theory make tumbled eggs.

How Chromium reduces Root DNS traffic by Duane Wessels

( This post is a follow up to Chromium’s Impact on Root DNS traffic, by Matthew Thomas and Duane Wessels. )


Just so you know:

Amazon declares they can deliver paperbacks of #SavagedBySystemd before Valentine's Day.

If you could on;y send 9 people into space as representatives and survivors of the human race, what 9 trades / crafts / occupations would you send?

Here's mine:

- pilot
- botanist
- engineer
- medical
- biologist
- astrophysicist
- mechanic
- chemist
- Commander

What are yours?

#scifi #space #gamedev #indiedev #science #fiction #gaming

"Ah, doctor? About the teleporter experiment..."
"Hm? You have begun testing with chicken?"
"Yes, we're done with frogs. You recall mentioning a theoretical risk of regression?"
"Oh! It happened?"
"Er, no. After sixtytwo iterations it spoke, asking what we were doing to it."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

She hung a lantern off the side of her boat, humming softly to the water. After a bit she began making up words - the original lyrics long since lost.

She knew she couldn't hold a tune but she was confident she was getting the gist of it.

Her throat dried, her tongue ached - still, she sang, until

"Can no one in your accursed family sing?"

She grinned, snapping a selfie with the irate selkie.

"What do you want?"

"Singing lessons."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

#auspol Google and Microsoft 

The Australian government isn't too worried if Google does carry out its threat to leave Australia because they've talked to Microsoft who have this great search engine called ... Bing.

This is from the Treasurer and Communications minister.

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