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Pro tip for your new account on fedi:

You can verify your identity by adding a simple "rel=me" HTML attribute to a link from your website to your fedi profile.

@Taweret When the robots inevitably take over our civilisation, Star Wars will be one of the few pieces of human media that the bots still enjoy.

It won't even occur to them that the hero is supposed to be anybody besides R2D2.

They'll say things like "Of course, they had to emphasize the side characters because back then most of the audience was still human. Beep Boop."

@Taweret i recall this being the subject of one of those demotivators that were so popular in the early aughts

@smallsees @brainblasted took me a minute to figure out what this reminded me of, but then it came back to me:

"all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody"

I like the concept of Your Daily Drive on but the music choices seem limited. it's like it plays the same ten songs which sure I like but not every morning.

Now that #WhatsApp have updated their terms, forcing users to share their data with #Facebook, here's our suggested update to that notification you see at the top of your chats.

#WhatsappNewPolicy #WhatsappPrivacy

@smallsees I finished Leviathan Wakes last week and thanks to the PTO I'm already over half of Caliban's War! I agree with you on both the books and the tv series.

I discovered that the books existed only after viewing 4 seasons of the tv show, and before watching the fifth season I'm reading the books.

It's sad that it seems that season 6 will be the final season. :(

I'm not sure if the local (Australian) radio is taking the piss, but they are playing "American life in the summertime"

Finished Leviathan Wakes by James A Corey.

It's the first book of the series that the Netflix series The Expanse was based upon. A good space opera with the three tribes (Earth, Mars and Belters) almost at each other's throats until, to borrow an Iain M Banks phrase, an Outside Context Problem happens.

The TV is close to this book, the main characters feel well drawn and it's got plenty of action, I'll be back for book 2.


Oh, you read *that* book.

It's considered polite to introduce yourself as "the entity inhabiting the body previously known as Hraig."

Finished @mwlucas book on .

USM is still an Eldritch horror but at least the book has told me where it might just not bite me if I get too close.

Oh and it has an update about the extend mib thing too which is current.

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