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Told the kids chia seeds are really dried frog eggs.

I have an excellent poker face, but they’ve also lived with me all their lives, so...

What characters can you relate to? Some of my favorites clearly are Sheldon Cooper, Wesley Crusher, Spock, and Data. Oh well, any Vulcan really, I suppose.

"Ask your Doctor if Science-Based Medicine is right for you!"

Mind blown, I never realized this coincidence:

You can use the next number in the Fibonacci sequence (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34) to convert from miles to kilometers.

For example, 13 miles is 21 kilometers.


SuperTuxKart played on a Librem 5 phone using an external keyboard and a 1080p TV. So this is this "mobile gaming" they keep talking about, huh? :D
#librem5 @purism #convergence #mobile #linux

"The X.509 Chain of Trust is more of a Tree of Trust. And the Tree of Trust is more of a Web of WTF." #tlsmastery #nonotryagain

Can't find any information about this mystery card I yanked from the Apple IIe. The large chip is an asynchronous communications adapter I can't find a datasheet for; everything else is a 74xx logic chip. It's got its own clock. No markings on the other side. The rework wires don't speak to a large production run. Strong TIS-100 vibes from this thing.

got my little #prosody #xmpp server humming away, #hubot plugged in and telling me stuff, #n8n piping other stuff to xmpp... I really like it. I'm planning to do a write up of my setup once I get it all figured out

Waves breaking over the end of a jetty across the way.

Fun fact: I discovered that if the wind is strong enough, it can blow a camera neck strap up and completely off of your head.

Not so fun fact: It was also blowing the tethered lens cap on directly into my face.

#waves #ocean #coast #jetty #photo

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"ForΓͺt Mystique"

Beautiful hike all around! Thanks to everyone patiently waiting while I was taking this image πŸ˜›

#photo #nature #landscape #forest #photography made with #darktable

The moral of Lord of the Rings is that giant eagles are selfish pricks who would rather let the world burn than fly a hobbit to Mordor. Lazy PoS eagles

I don't always do cybercrime...

but when I do, it is with htop on a giant screen.

The Mandalorian in a nutshell. 

The life of a bounty hunter sucks in between paycheques.

"In the United States, French dressing is regulated by federal standards.[9] The Association of Dressings and Sauces is lobbying to remove this regulation."

TIL: There is an Association of Dressings and Sauces and that they are working to remove regulations on French Dressing.

Tonight, I wrote a function called checkAnxiety...and of course, it freezes up and doesn't do anything.
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