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Only two days left to submit Debian 11 (bullseye) artwork proposals: deadline October 15!

Why won't the devs implement my feature or fix my bug?

From community member Bill Ferguson - darktable hacker and LUA dev on the human beings behind your favorite FOSS projects and resource limitations.

#FOSS #photography #darktable #dev

I got a bug report for the version of where the logout redirect failed because it was neither a relative URL or one with a host.

Upstream of the same version worked fine so it was one of my patches. I found the relevant patch and it was a duplicate.This is where I bring a fix in early but we had now caught up to the version with the fix.

Odd thing was the patch took. So the URL manipulation was done twice.

components disappearing from your PCB? it might be this little gremlins fault!

@mike Popes are generally quite resistant to kink.

Now officially public: #gitcommitmurder is on sale for Name Your Own Price (minimum $1, because fees).

And yes, the fedi knew it before :birdsite:โ€‹, because the fedi rocks.

In honour of the cafe worker who wrote my name wrong and though this was more likely than Craig I will now be known as Hraig.

Q: When does a joke become a dad joke? 

A: When the punchline becomes apparent.

Earlier this week, a US congressional subcommittee issued a historic report acknowledging that Big Tech monopolies harm society with their anti-competitive practices. ProtonMail was cited numerous times in the report. Here's our analysis:

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