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Hit'n the CIA Amiga BBS with the TI99/4A in 80 column ANSI (thanks to the F18A video processor upgrade and the TiPi interface).

#TI99/4A #bbsing #retrocomputing

what topics should I be sure to cover at my "intro to fediverse" talk in a couple weeks?

so far I got:
* how mastodon/pleroma/pixelfed/peertube/etc communicate
* how to pick an instance
* CWs
* privacy settings
* clients
* how to find people to follow
* running your own server
* my own patches to pleroma for static-fe
* some history?

"how to find people to follow" was probalby the biggest problem for me when I was getting started. my timeline just wouldn't be active enough to keep me interested until I'd been checking back in for 3-4 months and building up a follow list.

I'll also talk about some of the fediverse's problems:
* nothing is private from your instance admin
* instances can disappear when admins burn out
* some instances (gab, etc) host/tolerate abusive users
* self-hosting is hard

Secure boot is really really terrible. For some reason I really do not understand, my laptop decided to boot into windows; only. Reinstalling grub did noting, following some help guides. also noting. Disabling secure boot fixed it

It also seems impossible to have secure boot and secure encrypted partitions with the secure bit part not being able to open the encrypted drive in time.

I want more .txt websites. Human-readable text-only websites. The only allowed interaction, is scrolling.

The dragon came down to the village, golden scales gleaming with snow melting beneath her feet as she observed each of the humans she encountered; most fled, others were frozen by wonder or fear.

The buildings were ramshackle, the clothing on the citizens threadbare, and cheeks were gaunt even on the smallest babe.

The dragon plucked her scales off one by one in pity, then pink and gleamless, humbly returned back up to the snowy mountains.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

Can't wait until Twitter joins the Fediverse and ends up federating with Gab and nobody else.

ok, boomer: a concise guide to the generations living in early 21st century America.

There's a bit of commentary as to why I did this and a few things I noticed after doing it on my blog:

procps-ng 3.3.16

procps-ng version 3.3.16 was released today. Besides some documentation and library updates, there were a few incremental changes. Zombie Hunting with pgrep Ever wanted to find zombies? Perhaps processes with other states? pgrep has a shiny new runstate flag to help you which will match process against the runstate. I&#8217;m curious to see the use-cases&hellip; <p class="toivo-read-more"><a href="" class="more-link">Read more <span class="screen-reader-text">procps-ng 3.3.16</span></a></p>

@smallsees I always assumed it was obvious to everyone else and I was just the slow one.

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