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Today we got a new printer in the office and I, a Linux user, was the first person to successfully connect to it. I'm calling it now, 2020 will be the Year of Linux on the Desktop

Also: after spending the afternoon pounding on #snmpmastery, every triangle I see has 270 degrees. :flan_nooo:​

psmisc is almost ready for release. I have sent a pre-release version over to the translation project for the updated translated files. Give them a few days and then it will be ready.

watching the episode of voyager where the ship is harassed and gaslit by an AI-enabled smart bomb

[BREAKING] Pixelfed developer admits the project was just a ploy to revive GNU/Social.

"That guy has lost his fucking mind" said a pleroma developer who had to start a new instance because of pleroma database issues.

This is a developing story.

#FNN #breakingNews

I added a new feature to pstree last night. It will now can show the age of processes in colour. The colours and ages of processes (minute, hour, other) are fixed for now but there is room for expansion later. That should be the last thing before the next release.

if you switch from NordVPN to something else, make sure it's not Private Internet Access, which is owned by the people who likely stole all the money from mt. gox

Things that aren't commit messages;
- "Fixed"
- "Updated config.xml"
- "inshallah"
- "lol"
- "Sorry"
- "Sorry Dave"
- "I think this works"

You think that's bad.

$git config alias.c
commit --all --message=.

#2218 "Wardrobe" 

If you'd just agree to hold your meetings in here, you'd have PLENTY of time to figure things out before the deadline.

There are only five #Irish #folk songs.
1. I drank loads last night and I regret nothing
2. I met a lovely fair girl and she was fair and lovely
3. We will fight the Brits for ever and ever and ever.
4. I have left Ireland and shall never be happy again.
5. Those fucking fairies.

Another interesting off-by-one programming error.

If you use a modern version of since/skill you'll find it doesn't match anything!

The problem is the program checks for the length returned from read(); both less than it equal to zero (good) and greater or equal to the value passed to read().

Reading lines longer than that value always returns the given length, and they are always longer.

So no processes match, ever!

@zardoz "State of the Art", by Iain M. Banks, is perhaps the most classic example of this sub-genre.

Is there any truth to the rumour that when "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released in Switzerland, the translation of David Bowman's exclamation as he entered the Stargate was "It's full of holes!"?

Enquiring minds need to know.


OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR spot in line for coffee!

October 29 is the 50th anniversary of the first message sent on the ARPANET!

The message was "LO", which was supposed to be LOGIN but the system crashed. (There are alternative stories that it was short for HELLO but contemporary records support the system crash story.)

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