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I get all this American political spam about how I need to send money to save America.

They all start with things like "Dear Clarence"

I'm beginning to really hate Clarence.

#2185 "Disappearing Sunday Update" 

Why do I have 500 followers? Y'all can do better.

I discovered my first hidden camera at an AirBnB last week in Yerevan, Armenia. Always scan the wifi when you get to a new place!! #surveillance #nmap #privacy #dystopia #security #badposture

In an #IETF Internet-Draft:

Generally speaking, the delay of the timer should be "long enough, but not too long".

Great help for the implementer :-)

#RayTracing with #uLisp

This is a simple ray tracer written in uLisp, and running on an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4. It plots a colour image to a 160x128 colour TFT display.


I changed around my primary domain today so my email and other things are probably going to be a bit flakey for a day or so until things settle down.

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings, Humans," it said. "We have come to talk to you about religion."
The watching crowd began to boo. Undeterred, the alien went on.
"The core message of most of your religions is correct: Be excellent to each other. Follow that."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Amazing Legend of Zelda: BotW wallpaper someone posted on Reddit:

Replacing my current wallpaper, which itself is awesome.

so when you learn about electrical voltage and current, it's generally explained by analogy to water flowing in a pipe

but when you learn fluid dynamics, the behaviour of water flowing in a pipe is generally explained by analogy to electrical voltage and current


#infosec roller coaster, router edition:

> Router requires a device access code before any one can change the settings


> But the default code is printed on the router


> But you can change the code to anything you want!


> But you can click the "I forgot my code" button, and reset it with that same default code


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