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A photon checks into a hotel, and the desk clerk says Can I get a bellhop for your bags Photon responds No need. I'm traveling light.

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Pizza shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Pizza shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Pizza shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Pizza shark!

@smallsees notepad chan is cute and having a cute mascot is very important
What is the best text editor?

Someone from Cisco went on stage to propose weakening TLS 1.3 for "network-based security solutions" (enterprise spyware).

There was a long line at the mic of people pushing back on it... I almost felt bad for the poor speaker πŸ™‚

Tonight on Star Trek: Voyager
Seven of Nine meets another fake god that brings back an old cast member.

This looks like a pretty strange 1-digit date or Y2K bug. This date represents 2019-04-21 but is written as β€œ1909”. Is this a new notation I’m unaware of?

I did my first star trek commission/instance art for @guinan ! is also where I set up my first mastodon profile, so feels extra special
#mastoart #commission #startrek


it must be called a set-top-box because it sits on *top* of your TV *set*. or did, in one day-and-age.


<< The Soviet Union, on the other hand, launched the first piloted ship with an onboard guidance computer as late as 1980, even though the first onboard computer had been successfully used on an unmanned spacecraft as early as 1968. >>

I wonder if they encrypted their radio guidance transmissions during the 1960s-70s...

Reading this book gives some interesting hints about the origin of otherwise obscure computer science jargon.

For example, 'state vector', which was an Apollo / space / missile term of art meaning literally what you'd think it means: a three-dimensional vector representing the physics state of a spacecraft, but one maintained by a computer.

Presumably this term then got repurposed, cargo-cultlike, by non-space CS folks to describe 'the contents of a computer's RAM' with zero link to physics.

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Wisps of steam drifted across my face as I gazed into the walk-in freezer. At first this job had seemed like a GREAT idea, then I realized hot summer days meant extra customers and...

"Ma'am," I sighed wearily, "You can't be in here."

Blue lips puckered into a pout, "But the lake is boiling."

I considered this."Hm. You'll need to help out though, okay?"

I tossed the mermaid an apron and gloves, which she donned gratefully.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #Mermaid

If you ever think for an instant that misogyny in gaming is new, remember that there was an uproar when the Queen was added to chess in Europe because she was a "powerful female figure".

Hey #Melbourne #BoardGame fans, I need players to test a game.

Hit me with a reply, if you can make it to Moonee Ponds this Sunday 2019-07-21 for a late afternoon start.

In this episode Captain Janeway isn't sure if they can love anymore but could have solved everything if the transporter had just fucking worked.

The wind has really picked up on the bridge. The sea comes in fierce. Big weather arrives.

The Picard show BETTER be Jean-Luc and the Borg Queen travelling around the galaxy troubleshooting Borg winemaking problems and also genteel murders

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