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@smallsees It is original, but thanks! I'm trying to nail the 80s arcade vibe. :)

Was I so busy pushing my kickstarter that I forgot to invite you all to actually play the game!? I'm such a butt.

The demo is free. The KS is linked if you want to support more work on it. Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks for being patient with me. πŸ’–

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@smallsees I'm almost ashamed to admit that it's the first one I've read right now. Gonna read the rest of the Multivac stories tonight tho

I was feeling a bit rubbish today, but something moved me to sit down and make a little crested gecko emoji, and now I've got a massive smile on my face. 😁

And thanks to @Curator, you can use it here!! Take a look: :squishygecko:

Aaaah!! 😍

✨ :squishygecko: ✨ :squishygecko: ✨ :squishygecko: ✨

(The shortcode is ": squishygecko :" without the spaces.)

Feel free to borrow and use on your own Mastodon instance!
:cc_share: :cc_by: :cc_nc_us:

Another reason why Mastodon is the best… 😘

The Last Question was Asimov's fav story he'd ever written, partly because people kept forgetting its name and author

"I recently received a long-distance phone call from a desperate man who began, "Dr. Asimov, there's a story I think you wrote, whose title I can't rememberβ€”" at which point I interrupted to tell him it was 'The Last Question' and when I described the plot it proved to be indeed the story he was after. I left him convinced I could read minds at a distance of a thousand miles."

hi it's me halcy and I have like 7 different projects I would like to do

Dear America of the west coast,

Throw off the yoke of your idiot oppressors and join Canada. We have some v. Nice parks! We will make you do the healthcare! Our money looks nicer and lasts longer and honestly we have a lot of friends right now!

1st attempt at mapping for #dnd homebrew campaign. Plan is for this to be multi-level mine. Our party grew to 7 last week (oops) so I'm populating it with a balance of monsters to keep them occupied and slaves they need to free. Next week is the test. Goal is to nearly kill at least two of them somewhere in the next level of the mine.

#dndhomebrew #mapdrawing

First post, or something. This Mastodon thing could be interesting if it gains enough traction.

One initial noob question, using the web interface, can I make the Home pane wider?

The default is cripplingly small, making it hard to read posts.

Unpinning other stuff just leaves large amounts of wasted screen estate.

I will mostly be posting about #pkgsrc so if that's of interest to you then follow along, otherwise it's likely to be pretty dull!

Stupid /me used the wrong network interface. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ #routing #networking

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