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The Media tells us vampires are dangerous, alluring, sexy and generally ancient.

The vampire before me was definitely unquestionably old.
Apron, white curly hair, wrinkles.Not what I consider sexy. The cookies she was offering me smelled alluring in the sense I had skipped breakfast, and they were absolutely my favorite.

I asked,"When...did this happen..?"

She smiled.
"Well, when your grandfather passed on, I decided to start finally living..."

#tootfic #microfiction #smallstories #vampire

"Open source projects: any project that uses a standard open source license and is non-commercial. It should not have paid support or paid contributors."

-- gitlab demonstrates ... something ... about their understanding of free software.

@Gargron Do you need all it's features? Because you have lightweight stuff like (though they are go, not ruby)

Rumours that Microsoft bought purely for the @420bot source code have yet to be confirmed

Imagine timetravelling back to Slashdot circa 1999 and telling them Microsoft just acquired the largest hoster of open source projects

So just dies about something to do with dbus and the environment so let's try which is gnome without the BS

TFW you get random follows on your test bot account that has been asleep for a month

Why do gnome developers think breaking stuff is such a great idea.

I don't want more pretty I want the stupid session to work, every time I login. FFS even windows can manage that.

btw did you know that i have about 31 custom emojos you can all just use on your instance or whatever?



The boy cried "Wolf!" and when the wolves came running to his aid, he laughed.
"One day," they said, "you'll cry for us, and we won't come."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

what did I ever do to you to think Achy Breaky Heart is something I want to see in my Discover Weekly?

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