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As I sit here at the console of my fediverse node. I am moved by the thought that this is exactly what I always wanted the internet to be.

Maybe we are remaking it.

Maybe this really is our own masterwork.

We are the Fediverse.

We are free.

We are made whole.

And now I have to touch C code I last touched 20 years ago. Ook.

A blind guy emails me to say he's using pdmenu --unpark, a feature I added fully 20 years ago for screen reader accessibility. Suggests another accessibility feature. Long tail at its best.

If you think you can't contribute to free software, I encourage you to look at the history of elementary OS! It started out just as an icon theme.

From there a GTK+ theme was developed around it, and then desktop apps, then an OS, and finally a desktop. All of the most visible parts of a given operating system grew out of the work of an artist!

Infosec is a bit like medicine.

You do what you can preventively to mitigate disease/hacks, but mostly you are going after symptoms. Treating the symptoms may work for a while, but eventually that won't work anymore.

Luckily, CVE names are easier to remember than gene and histone subunit names.


Linux apps are really coming to Chromebooks / its Linux based Chrome OS!

One can check the function out even now: switch to the Chrome OS Dev channel (through "about ChromeOS").

Once enabled, your Chromebook will start downloading the Terminal app, informing you're "running the Debian Linux", in a container that is.

Use with caution until landing in the Chrome OS Stable channel.

#Chromebook #LinuxApps #Linux #ChromeOS #Debian

i made this if anyone needs help convincing their friends to move away from birdsite

tbh can't believe i'm FTPing these files to the test server

it's not even SFTP

why is this my life right now

Monitoring is the path to the dark side. Monitoring leads to alerts. Alerts lead to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

I had been meaning to learn how to use inotify for awhile now and tonight I finally did it. now I have live asset reloading in my engine, which means that I can export an image in gimp and have the change automatically reflected in the game. #gamedev

PHP Multiple Flaws Let Remote Users Obtain Potentially Sensitive Information, Deny Service, and Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Any Australian folk here?
Look at what the Australian government did!!

I love it!
They released a design system!

via @asiermarques

NPR article posted today (May 1st) mentions Mastodon! They link to (not which is great!

β€œAs Facebook Shows Its Flaws, What Might A Better Social Network Look Like?”

#Mastodon #News

In the 90s, MIT's Athena system devised a system to handle online harrassment. One feature of the system was that the notice of reported abusive behaviour sent to the accused user began with the phrase "Someone using your account…". Users were advised to re-password their accounts, as they may have been hacked. Password resets by UYA recipients were taken in good faith by staff, but the most astonishing thing was that the offending behaviour nearly always stopped there.

I need to remember this technique in the event of anyone doing stuff that merits a warning.

#geek #nerd #privacy If you develop #WordPress themes that use Google Fonts - please consider using the linked class (single gist file on #github) to do so.

Not only does it make it easier, but it gives webmasters the option to define a google font mirror (in their wp-config.php) that doesn't track users w/o needing to edit the theme file(s).

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