@smallsees @djsundog @nowplaying Oh I have so much good stuff to share. Please let me control the music player ๐Ÿ™‚

@djsundog @nowplaying no way. Lose the controls and let the fediverse control your music player.

I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

A Muppet:

*Anything from the Jim Henson Creature Shop
*Specifically those appearing in media containing the word "Muppet"

In order to preserve privacy of apartment dwellers, subway trains in Singapore block the view from passagers when they pass near residential buildings.

The princess gently buffed the whimpering dragon with a wide, soft brush; removing dull, loose scales.

"Darling, try to eat something. To keep your strength up."

The dragon shook her great head, "I'm too stressed, I'm just not hungry."

"I understand, but you'll get shaky and light headed if you don't."

"I just want a bath," the dragon sighed.

"Alright, but try to eat at least one knight afterwards. It's hard work luring them out here!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

They call themselves humans. What do you elves call them? 

I've been working really hard the past couple of weeks building a new stats system for my web game Improbable Island.

It's a text adventure at improbableisland.com, there's a lively roleplaying community, player-owned places (with a programming engine!), hundreds of pages of story and no ads/tracking/nastystuff. We've had problems getting new players 'cause the places we used to advertise are all going offline, so if y'all could help me out with a boost that'd be much appreciated

โ€œFor security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites.โ€ mango.pdf.zone/finding-former-

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