There are three bots by @confusedbunny posting chiptune music tracks from the C64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST:

➡️ @SIDMusic - Music from the Commodore 64, posts every four hours

➡️ @AYMusic - Music from the ZX Spectrum, posts every four hours

➡️ @AtariSTMusic - Music from the Atari ST, posts once a day

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v4.0.1rc2 has gone out to the translators, this is pretty significant.

Why? Because it means we are finally changing the procps library to what we call "newlib". This is a dramatically different and better API than libprocps which is based upon exposing a bunch of global variables.

I'll need to give the translators time, then its onto 4.0.1 release and making the API changes for dependent projects.

My take on Do Revenge.

Continuously wishing it was a disaster movie so all these people died.

Maybe Alien and it eats them all

I've been trying to remove an account that basically bills me $0 a month and it's been like that for years.. probably 5 or more.

Sure won't be a problem having that around with no doubt all my personal info attached to it.

@john @xahteiwi

Yes that's another.
I think in the ancient times you could be a "free lance" which was effectively a military mercenary.

I am a freelance worker.

Freelancer is a noun, freelance is an adjective

@Capheind @TheGibson

I was going to say it really sucked using those keyboards but you have kinda convinced me it's the right way to do it.


You have to have Highly Secure Manuals for your Hardware Security Modules.

And then when you finally get them you can ask if the vagueness and errors are part of the security of the manuals.

Conspiracy theory:

@mike knew the queen was going to die and when before everyone else and booked his leave early


The band *NSYNC was originally in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, but their scenes were cut in the final edit.

Original tweet :

In 2007, a Bosnian couple cheated on each other - with each other.

They had spent time in a chat room bonding about their marital woes. When they met in person, they found out the person they had been complaining to was their spouse.

They got divorced.

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