2494. Flawed Data 

title text: We trained it to produce data that looked convincing, and we have to admit the results look convincing!


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GPS will broadcast a 0 second leap second in 128 days. This will lead to no issues whatsoever. twitter.com/GalileoSats/status

@codewiz Well, standard... 🙂

The English stone under law varied by commodity and in practice varied according to local standards. The Assize of Weights and Measures, a statute of uncertain date from c. 1300, describes stones of 5 merchants' pounds used for glass; stones of 8 lb. used for beeswax, sugar, pepper, alum, cumin, almonds,[16] cinnamon, and nutmegs;[17] stones of 12 lb. used for lead; and the London stone of 12+1⁄2 lb. used for wool.[16][17] In 1350 Edward III issued a new statute defining the stone weight, to be used for wool and "other Merchandizes", at 14 pounds,[nb 2] reaffirmed by Henry VII in 1495.

@Taweret I thought you were talking about Dexter the robot from that terrible TV series Perfect Match.

@Taweret Alpha Centaurian Elon Musk wants to be taken to our leader.

They've heard Earthling selfies go down a treat on Betamax Prime 5 tictok.

@witchfynder_finder if it was a protest against the return of the mullet hairstyle that could be something that I could get behind.

@Taweret @witchfynder_finder I'm not really sure what he's relationship with Camilla the chicken is either.

@vantablack they should play balderdash then. Real words but fake meanings.

@djsundog she's probably used to that sort of comment by now.

Maybe not condoning or agreement but just expected.

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