Daily Mail owner buys New Scientist magazine.

At last we will know just exactly how aliens made Sophie from Brixton pregnant!


It goes on to say that the printer might not work right or a meteorite will land on your house or something if you use non Epson printer.

Because printers are not annoying enough.

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Which team are you on?

Ernie & Bert, or Bert & Ernie?

#tlsmastery, caps, swearing 


Worse than SNMP? That is really bad then.

I love the fact that the #VAX tag refers to the actual DEC VAX machines in the Fediverse, while on Twitter, it's all about vaccines... The real anti-vaxxers are developers who exclusively use RISC processors like Alpha, ARM or MIPS. #retrocomputing

@frontiervoyager @quark hang on wasn't he ( or the actor at least) a ferengi in one episode?

@remotenemesis how old school?

I played a 1st edition module on 2nd edition rules, good times.

Is it just me or the Peertube Linuxrocks instance has gone MIA for several days now? peertube.linuxrocks.online/

@Taweret at least they didn't try to push the tumbler off the table

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR idea for a new cryptocurrency!

Enlighten at Canberra. The best by far was the display the National Art Gallery.

This is projected on the side of the gallery and includes interpretations of famous Australian paintings I should know the name of.

my paper Β« #Gender Differences in #PublicCode Contributions: A 50-Year Perspective Β» is now available from the current issue of @ieeesoftware here: ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9

In an upcoming @ieeesoftware #paper I've conducted a longitudinal #genderstudy of authors of #publiccode commits from @swheritage, analyzing 1.6 billion commits contributed by 33 million distinct authors over a period of 50 years. Short thread w/ links at the end πŸ‘‡ #FOSS [1/6]

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