@kaikatsu @kaniini @lanodan that looks like Black Mirror. The Fifteen million credits episode


CARS is a crappy acronym too: Convenient Auto Registration System

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for an unassuming, altruistic cowboy is about to join a mule worshipping cult... in the Twilight Zone.

Setting the first piano note of "Welcome to the Black Parade" as my text notification tone to strike fear into the hearts of emos who think they're past their former selves.

Hi all! I’m new to Mastodon so here’s my first go at an #introductions post.

I’m a second year computer science student in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve been using Linux exclusively for about 6 years and want to enter the #FreeSoftware community to contribute to cool projects. Because much of my coursework requires using proprietary software, I’m interested in projects aimed at making free software choices more practical for institutions as well as average users.

@sungo @Authoritimmy @cant_into @vantablack @lynnesbian I feel like Stallman's life is inadvertent performance art that demonstrates the gulf that opens up between a man and his society when he sincerely attempts to live up to ideals that his society doesn't value. It's touching, and absurd, and a little inspiring.

When your only tool is digital signal processing, all your problems start looking like an ancient alien structure, half buried in the seabed.

@wersimmon I don't see PHP there so you must be ok about it. 🀣

the guy that forgot to filter multicast in a 26 nodes mesh network, and while trying to recover access due to the sh*t bandwidth hog, broke everything.... Now I guess it's time anyway to go recharge a few batteries....

( For the Why? checking seamless roaming between nodes on $dayjob commute with a few hidden nodes + I had that vpn over mesh working for about 2mn on a 24miles distance without any public internet !! )

The first backup uplink of datashedter is down :/

The backports for the security fixes (based on the bugs in wordpress 5.0.1) are going to be a bit different from now.

Instead of trying to pry apart all the changesets, there is now just a consolidated changeset between 4.7.11 and 4.7.12

4.7.12 is the 4.7 branch of fixes backported from 5.0.1. Just using the entire changeset makes it easier and helps with things like database updates.

I just realised I can put emojis in my calendar events. πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

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