version 23.4 was released today, both as an upstream source package and package 23.4-1

This release has some minor fixes and updates; if you liked the -Z flag in ps, then pstree has this for you.

Maybe fuser will be less confused about device IDs, but I'm pretty sure someone out there is crafting up an even stranger storage device setup.

Tarballs located at or get it from git at

23.4 has gone to RC1 which means hopefully no source code changes. RC1 normally go to the translation project so the programs and man pages can be in languages other than English.

I'll give the translators some time to come up with the goodies and then update the po (translation) files and make a release.

Two new fixes for tonight.

The first is fuser failed to match mount devices due to the new code checking for duplicate mounts. So it knows the difference between /mnt/a and /mnt/b but ignored /dev/sda1. Now it only checks the pathname if it is not a block device.

pstree had a problem with output alignment when using the colourise option.

It was a while since I ran through the scanner. This is a free static analysis tool for open source projects though it is not open source itself.

Anyway, it found a few new minor bugs. Like a lot of coverity results they weren't too interesting in themselves but did point to areas needing a closer look.

An unsigned < 0 comparison error led to why was this variable unsigned which led to I'm not checking snprintf correctly.

version 23.3 was released tonight. This has a few minor changes such as pstree with colouring depending on the process age and a fix for killall finding processes.

psmisc is almost ready for release. I have sent a pre-release version over to the translation project for the updated translated files. Give them a few days and then it will be ready.

I added a new feature to pstree last night. It will now can show the age of processes in colour. The colours and ages of processes (minute, hour, other) are fixed for now but there is room for expansion later. That should be the last thing before the next release.

Done some work on tonight, mainly some merge requests and bug fixes.

Matching NFS still can cause problems (they changed the way NFS "looks" in the proc filesystem) but I merged in some changes so it hangs less, I hope.

peekd will also work with ARM64 CPUs after someone gave me a patch for that.

After a few too many false starts, psmisc 23.2 has been released. This fixes (I hope) the signal parsing problems for killall and also removes the namespace filtering by default because everyone was getting confused by sshd, including me.

Of course, now I notice the --version string is messed up but thats a minor thing.

Urgh, another crack at option parsing for killall. It seems every time I try to fix it, someone shows me another way its broken.

Also had to work through iterating through a string in TCL, which is an added evilness.

I think that is the last fix before psmisc 23.2

Looks like all the translations are in for which is good. I'm hoping to release an update tomorrow.

Should just be a matter of fixing a typo in a help screen, grabbing the translations and it's done.

I just pushed the pre-release package of to the translators. In a week or so there will be a new version of psmisc.

The changes are mainly things reflected in procps, like the longer command names and look at all namespaces.

I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

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