Enlighten at Canberra. The best by far was the display the National Art Gallery.

This is projected on the side of the gallery and includes interpretations of famous Australian paintings I should know the name of.

View of the storage lake from the saddle dam. This dam is a secondary one made of crushed rock and is only for the small gap on the side between two hills (hence the saddle)

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Cotter dam is full! Last time I visited here which was a few years ago there was nothing going over the wall.

The flowing river below the damn is lovely to dip your feet into.

It may look like some cryogenic system from Star Wars gone wrong but this is a topological map of the Snowy Mountains Scheme which is a system of pipelines and dams to store and redirect water and provide hydro power.

Are the 5G conspiracy nuts out and about again? Just got this SMS from my mobile carrier.

Being a COVID19 new year, I watched the Netflix movie Midnight Sky which stars (and directed by) George Clooney. 

It's beautifully made but really needs you to care for the characters more and.. I didn't really. I did like how the ending wasn't clear about what will happen and didn't have some bullshit "... and they lived happily ever after".

But those two at the end, what's their caper? Is it some stupid American individualism thing that doesn't work elsewhere?

It's basically wind, lichen and rocks but the highest point of Mt Kosciusko, the highest mountain in Australia, looks like this.

Kosciusko was a Polish freedom fighter because the first recorded ascent in 1840 was Polish explorer Paul Stzelecki and of course we spelt his name wrong until 1979.

Do you have a wasp problem?

Or do you just want a way cooler drone than the other kids?

Introducing... Drones with flamethrowers!

🐝πŸ”₯ 🚁

I got my 2020 wrapped today. No real surprises except for Ed Sheeran.

I know textbooks are expensive but really?

JNCIA-Junos is the lowest tier of the Juniper certifications. If it is in AUD then it's only about 1300 USD or 1100 EUR.

But hey, you get free delivery!

Dijkstra can solve any problems with graphs. Including trolley problems.

More annexion then connexion though.

I don't always do cybercrime...

but when I do, it is with htop on a giant screen.

The watch program from the package has a new trick. Someone asked if there was a way to truncate the output instead of line-wrapping.

Watch already detects the width of the screen because it uses ncurses to output the lines so it needs to know where on the screen the next character will go. It was just a matter of hooking into the "run out of width" part of the code and eat the input until we hit an end of line.

So soon if you want to chomp those lines, you can!

Image stolen from @pulplibrarian on twitter.

I had this book as a kid. I couldn't afford an assembler so I had to write in machine code by hand assembly.

Just like the picture I'd write the operators on the left and convert it to decimal.

E.g loading the accumulator was
LDA 42 = 169,42

I had a 6510 not a 6502 but they were pretty close. Clearly the picture is not 6502 because 0x3E is ISC not LDA and LDB is not ASL.

The fourth opcode is probably STA.

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