Canberra turning out a beautiful winter's day. View from One Tree Hill looking back across the territory.

compiling needs to be single threaded so it takes forever. It always reminds me of this XKCD while I'll wait.

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When you are a cute little critter but also love human flesh.

Research discovers 'cute' quolls used to have a taste for human flesh.

While it had been known for some time that quolls, which are carnivorous marsupials, are good scavengers, the discovery that they were also scavenging human corpses reflects the difference in living conditions back then.

Not too bad a place to wait and rest.

That white tube on the right is a stinger net but if you're brave or foolhardy you can swim outside it.

This morning most of the hot air balloons were taking off elsewhere but the sloth was inflated in front of the national library.

Was looking for office chairs and found this. Not sure how comfy it would be but certainly makes a great Zoom background.

Time for jab #3 or maybe jab - Judgement Day, jab infinite? No they are both terrible names.

Happy new year!

Not only did we get to see fireworks over the bay the ISS flew overhead and we saw that.

Merry Christmas!

"Just calm down Joe, let me explain...'

Picture from

Was riding around the lake and came across this.

There was a large storm in the area a few days ago. In this forest, there were a few trees down but only two across the path.

This would have made Lord of the Rings a much shorter book ( so would deleting all that elf poetry)

Mystery Cube Found on The Far Side of The Moon Is Probably Not an 'Alien Hut'

That's a relief. :itsaliens:

China's Yutan rover took this photo on the far side of the moon.

Cats learn early!
He looks way more ferocious in the photo than he actually was.

Seems like an obvious name for a White Pikmin.

He's sitting idle, why doesn't he get a job?

Welcome to the top of Australia.

This is the monument on the top of Mount Kosciusko which is the tallest mountain in Australia at 2228 metres.

I've done this walk before without the snow so it's a good comparison. Most of the hike 8lis easy enough but there were some small drifts to cross.

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