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Craig Small 🍅 @[email protected]

So now I got again this same error in my system. It's around the init areas and locks the system up hard. Wonder if it's the patch doing it. Has to either be kernel or hardware problems

My Internet sucks. You know how long it is going to take to update DOTA2? Three days!

😭 👎

Enjoying the playlist did for my top songs for 2017.

I think they're having a lend though making a spice girls song the number 1

Below is my terrible list. Got Roger Sanchez on now ❤️

I think I'll give up on templating and go back to
as I get this sort of results.

It doesn't even like <div /> type arrangements.

I loved a lot of his stories but his short story collection in "A Tupolev Too Far" is one of my favourites.
Science fiction great Brian Aldiss, 92, dies at his Oxford home