It's getting close to the season, so it's time to break out some traditional Christmas music.

After a lot of mucking around I got the laptop looking ok. The conky config says its but it's really .

Wargames the movie was released 36 years ago in 3 June 1983.

Shall we play a game?

So apparently I have won USD 220,000 in a competition which I never entered.

πŸ€” Google their company name and you *only* get hits for their website.
πŸ€” The competition has no end/draw date.
πŸ€” Their domain was created exactly a month ago, for a company apparently 16 years old.

Seems legit. πŸ‘

Do you use tail -f ?
Love those annoying "are you watching" messages on Netflix?
Ever thought.. gee I wish I could combine both these things?

You wish has come true with tailflix!

Some light summer beach reading, Bruce Schneier's "Click here to kill everybody".

Certainly lighter than his "Applied cryptography"

It's alive!

Reviving a Roomba power supply that doesn't like rain.

The only casualties were part of a coil (RFI filter?) and a 5V regulator, both near the green LED.

Thought my Mastodon instance was having problems until I checked my internet connection.

This is what Internet looks like in the suburbs in a major Australian city.😒

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