Did you play or ?

There's a new walk around and find stuff game coming out based upon Catan!

The reality is cuter but less awesome than fire breathing alien dragons

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I am looking forward to beating Canberra's traffic while riding my dragon to work πŸ‰

Tidbinbilla is also home to NASA deep space network telescope listening to things "out there". πŸ‘½

Gundagai is known for three things:
1. The Slim Dusty song
2. The dog on the tuckerbox
3. The twin wooden bridges over the floodplain and Murrumbidgee River

I think the best of the three is the bridges. The photo doesn't do it justice but the road bridge in front with the rail bridge behind.

The town is bypassed with a fancy concrete bridge (just in front of the hills in the photo) and the rail line closed so the bridges are on disrepair.

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Good news buddy, it's a ex stock trail trail not a rail trail. 

Walking and bike trails in the country get mixed reactions.

On the positive side, they are pleasant paths that add to the charm of a location and bring in tourists.

The negative side is a mixture of wanting to keep it for it's original use, concern of crime, fencing or stock issues or just inbreds not liking strangers.

For the rail trails, those trains are never coming back.

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Yes, Gundagai does have a Maccas. That's the township in the background.

The haze is from the hazard reduction burns that happen in the narrow band of time between it being too hot and dangerous and too cold to light anything.

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So the story goes a Bullock team had some trouble, a really bad day in the 1850s.

The wagon bogged, the yoke broken the teamster called Billy thought it can't get any worse so he decided to have lunch.

He found his dog sitting on his tuckerbox ( a box to store Tucker or food).

Not so bad? Well, it is Australia so this was possibly rhyming slang for the dog doing much worse than just sitting on the box.

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There's a track winding back...

I'm not sure if Slim Dusty was singing about this track but it's a walking trail converted from a stock trail so maybe.

It's more the road from Gundagai as I'm facing away from the town heading towards the dog.

The west border of the Australian Capital Territory follows a mountain ridge until it hits Mt Coree and turns northeast to One Tree Hill.

On the weekend we walked to the top of Mt Coree from the campgrounds near its base. There are some great views both east over Canberra and west from there.

The walk is on a 4WD capable trail and is reasonably easy to walk.

Stolen from Twitter. Which was probably stolen from somewhere else.

Ernie has a point!

"Alex" explaining how he got former Australian Prime Minister's passport number and not get out in jail.

talk about how bad airlines security is, the data was right there to see.

The weather up here is great for both frogs and leeches. Here are two green frogs near the house but there are many more.

I had a leech on my leg minutes ago, luckily it just got on and hadn't properly attached.

Enlighten at Canberra. The best by far was the display the National Art Gallery.

This is projected on the side of the gallery and includes interpretations of famous Australian paintings I should know the name of.

View of the storage lake from the saddle dam. This dam is a secondary one made of crushed rock and is only for the small gap on the side between two hills (hence the saddle)

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Cotter dam is full! Last time I visited here which was a few years ago there was nothing going over the wall.

The flowing river below the damn is lovely to dip your feet into.

It may look like some cryogenic system from Star Wars gone wrong but this is a topological map of the Snowy Mountains Scheme which is a system of pipelines and dams to store and redirect water and provide hydro power.

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