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Casio PB-700 pocket computer and the accompanying FA-10 playback data recorder/printer from 1983

It had 2Kb memory and had 12 digit precision and was powered by 4 AA batteries. The interface was Casio I/O so you pretty much were tied to the company's peripheries. I don't know if it had other peripheries besides the FA-10 printer/recorder

@cypnk My father had a somewhat less sophisticated Sharp PC-1211. Made my first BASIC steps on that nevertheless. mastodon.infra.de/media/S5zM-_

@galaxis I've been thinking of putting together my own "pocket computer" of sorts with easily available materials

My initial idea was "almost" the size of the sharp, but a bit closer to the PoqetPC

@cypnk I also quite liked the Atari Portfolio back then (recycling photos from my Retrocomputing collection on G+ here): mastodon.infra.de/media/5HwuoT mastodon.infra.de/media/beQirM

🍅 Craig 🍅 @smallsees

@cypnk @galaxis I had a portfolio too! Was pretty amazing for its time. Funny how now the cheapest phone would greatly surpass it in power or features.

@smallsees In power, yes, easily. But the selection of phones with physical keyboards is extremely limited right now (what's left of Blackberry, basically), so for something like writing notes, all that power doesn't help a whole lot.