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OK you beautiful nerds: If I want to invite people to make modifications to a Twitter bot I wrote (so they can run their own instance), and I want to make sure those modifications are released, I gotta use AGPL, right?

@xor IANAL but I believe that's the consequence of a GPL license. This instance has customizations that I am required to share publicly.

@ashfurrow So my thinking here is that, when you run your own instance of a Twitter bot, you're not "distributing" the software at all, so I'm not sure it triggers the GPL's source requirement. I could be wrong, but that's where I'm at now.

Craig Small 🍅 @smallsees

@ashfurrow @xor thats the critical difference between AGPL and GPL.

AGPL = You run it you have to release the modifications

GPL = You run but don't distribute it, you can hide those changes away