Wooo bigg lizard destruction and LASERS excellent start to #Monsterdon :blobrainbow: :ablobspin:

this institution is cooler than the Jurassic Park shindigs I think #Monsterdon

We used only the finest Cubic Zirconia™️ from QVC for this Special Mirror #Monsterdon

OK we have tried this over and over ford like 30+ years and it never actually works but this time....THIS time will be different! #Monsterdon

I WANT the soundtrack to this movie tho just....wow #Monsterdon

that monster battle was...kinda not much actually leaves one wanting #Monsterdon

Big Lizard sez:

K that plant was an OK snak but I need NUKULAR plantz 4 dinnerrrr!


Gondo and His Bazooka Troop

I'd totally buy their album


never mind that big sad angry flower all burned up she was only in the TITLE OF THE MOVIE let's get ready to RUMBLE! #Monsterdon

@msh All this rain makes me think she's going to re-sprout before the end #monsterdon

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