My ISP billing system is having a bad day:

"The due date for your invoice [removed] has been extended to 44732, and your payment will be processed on this new date.

If you are not set up for automatic payment or prefer to pay earlier, please arrange a manual payment before 44732 via one of these methods:"

It is nearly 44732 days since 1st January 1900, someone clearly didn't check these automatic emails too well.

@futzle yeah not sure it's excel but it's a date as integer. My first thought was it was a Unix timestamp but it's too small.

Covid adj 


If they're using, then you've got plenty of time :blobthumbsup:

@smallsees I used to play a web game. Its software bug set my VIP trial expiration date to the year 10000+, another bug gave me a level-up time of exactly 0 seconds.

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