I watched Father Christmas is Back so you didn't have to.

It was terrible, there was a lot of opportunities to have some interesting twists or just something not so damn predictable and they were passed.

A good cast but let down by some terrible terrible writing. Every chance taking the easy way out was taken.

It made me wish it was on physical media not streamed so I could burn it.

Imagine if someone watched "Love Actually" and thought they could write that but failed.


Father Christmas is Back (spoilers) 

So the family name is Christmas and dad ran away on Christmas 27 years ago. The 4 sisters gather together with mum and others.

Surprise! Dad returns, do they forgive him? Halfway through the movie they do so that's sorted

So this guy is sad and ignores his 3 daughters for 27 years because their mum had an affair with his brother and they're cool with that, oh and the brother ignoring his daughter forever is fine

Should have been titled "Shit Parents"

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