Not sure how all these are books. @mwlucas book is number three but a book on number twos is number four.

Incidentally, you're ahead of Stallings who is at #12

@smallsees yeah, amazon categories are pretty much poop.

Mind you, I found going to "books" and searching for "SNMP Networking" amusing... the Networknomicon is #2. :flan_XD:

@mwlucas @smallsees I’m trying to figure out how it’s only #2. I mean. Waves hands at all the other SNMP books.

@sng @smallsees

I dunno, man. It only has two reviews, can't be all that great. :flan_shrug:

@mwlucas @smallsees Clearly you need to write Savaged by SNMP so you can have #1 and #2.

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