2020 and there's still no good free gui debugger for linux

please i just want not to have to learn how to use gdb again i can't remember every command in every software

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@CobaltVelvet GDB is like the all-knowing oracle on the hill that will answer any question you have...

If you only know the right way to ask your question. Otherwise you will get something that looks like it almost could be an answer but is not.

@smallsees i mean yeah i get and appreciate that, but it would be great to have a tool that lets us solve problems quickly eventually


@CobaltVelvet oh I understand that pain.

I had this problem before; what was that command again? It was something with two letters and I think the second one was t.

Hmm nope not that one.

Maybe this command? OK I don't know what that is even telling me.

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