Debian packages now should be source only, otherwise they won't make it to bullseye ( the next release).

So the wiki has the flags to add to build source only, so that's all you need to do?


debsign and debrelease need to be told too. ( Both with -S)

So the toolchain will create a package that is guaranteed to be rejected using the default setup. The only way to fix it is to use two different sets of options.

Actually I think that's the right flags, I'll know in a few days.

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Actually that got rejected too. No source upstream file.

FFS why is Debian uploads so hard.

@smallsees exactly alike why french ortograph is so hard: the elite users _enjoy_ that it's complicated.

A suggestion: use higher-level tools: `gbp buildpackage -S` then dput the resulting _source.changes. I've also started using `dgit` with its `dgit push-source`. The learning curve is steep and the doc too(!?) verbose, but after getting the basics it's great.

@OdyX It's a bit annoying but I got there in the end. gbp, debsign and debrelease all need extra flags to do the right thing. Miss one step and you either get a strange error or your package rejected.

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