Installing on a laptop that needs non-free firmware for the wifi to work, is there anything more frustrating?

It's pretty bad if a Debian user of over 20 years still struggles with this process, find the firmware its right there dammit.

@smallsees I usually just use the unofficial installer that includes the firmware. That way installation is seamless—you don’t have to fumble with extra USB drives.

@smallsees Ah, I see you are a #Debian developer. Apologies! You probably know this stuff a lot better than I do!

@smallsees I remember doing the same about a year ago with Stretch, and the installer told me exactly what non-free driver was required. It wouldn't download it for me, but once I got it on a thumb drive the installation completed without issues. It would suck if they removed that feature from Buster

@bartleby its odd because the drive is there with the firmware, ill just add it later but really im not sure why it doesnt like it.

As for encrypted drives and UEFI what a nightmare! I've conceeded default and just turned off encryption.

It seems I can have encrypted partitions or a bootable system but not both.

@smallsees If you ever figure out encryption let me know. I gave up on that a long time ago! :blob_dizzy_face:

@bartleby I did too in the end. It was impossible to get it to work.

Either the UEFI needed to be on the encrypted partition so was not accessible or all of the partitions we're not encrypted.

To make matters worse the partition program is a bit kludgy so didn't realize partitions were gone or created so it involves lots of going in and out of the program.

@smallsees If I need encrypted space on a Linux box I use a VeraCrypt (or TrueCrypt!) container. Overall, I've been thrilled with Linux since the release of kernel 4. People are nostalgic about computing in the 80s, but I thing the Golden Age of operating systems is just starting. ( Keyboards were awesome in the 80s)

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