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I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

Turns out there are a bunch of recent IEEE papers on using #XMPP for power management in microgrids and even creating virtual power stations based on multiple smaller ones.

Happy #Prosody monthly summary day!

This month two new modules were imported from the community repo: mod_smacks (XEP-0198) and mod_http_openmetrics (formerly mod_prometheus).
Session listings in the Shell are now formatted in nice-looking tables.
There were also some fixes and tweaks to mobile optimizations, group chats and other areas.

#xmpp #dev

I'm sorry for you, you feel that way. #XMPP is a very mature protocol, and if you want, of course you can use 20y old clients and have that experience. My whole family uses it on my server without knowing the name of the protocol, they call it #conversations. It works basically like WhatsApp.
If I ever want to onboard people, one link is enough for automatic setup

#2548 Awful People 

Hm, this burger place has a couple of good reviews, but LakeSlayer7 says he got food poisoning there and everyone should try this other place down by the lake instead.

I have finished reading Dune. The second half of the book is bad, actually. Paul treats the Fremen as pawns, tools he can control to achieve… I mean he becomes superhuman and manoeuvres his way to becoming emperor of the universe but it’s not clear WHY except that He’s The Rightful Duke. NO ONE is like β€œyo why the fuck do you think we should recognize the legitimacy of this shitty imperial system that has oppressed us for generations”

Christmas is coming so with it I post my favorite meme for the occasion.

What makes muppet Christmas Carol work so well is that Michael Caine plays it completely serious like he was doing a prestige drama and not starring opposite a bunch of puppets



Nov 27 @10pm eastern (3am UTC)

#christmastodon kicks off with the Star Wars Holiday Special

it's on which is free and has no ads

please watch and live toot it with us. all the cool kids are doing it

The person in charge of the Nostromo set for Alien (1979) invented this interstellar standard for signs and labels in spaceflight

Father Christmas is Back (spoilers) 

So the family name is Christmas and dad ran away on Christmas 27 years ago. The 4 sisters gather together with mum and others.

Surprise! Dad returns, do they forgive him? Halfway through the movie they do so that's sorted

So this guy is sad and ignores his 3 daughters for 27 years because their mum had an affair with his brother and they're cool with that, oh and the brother ignoring his daughter forever is fine

Should have been titled "Shit Parents"

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I watched Father Christmas is Back so you didn't have to.

It was terrible, there was a lot of opportunities to have some interesting twists or just something not so damn predictable and they were passed.

A good cast but let down by some terrible terrible writing. Every chance taking the easy way out was taken.

It made me wish it was on physical media not streamed so I could burn it.

Imagine if someone watched "Love Actually" and thought they could write that but failed.

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