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I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

I got an email from No Starch Press.
They can't fulfil my order so I got a refund.

For some reason they can't ship to Australia. Not a lot of countries plus Australia just us.

That seems oddly specific and other places can still get here.

One single type of payment terminal (the Verifone H5000), a rather old platform, officially announced End of Life 2018 with some sort of support until 2023, brought down big parts of card payment all over Germany as one of the embedded certificates expired unnoticed on Tuesday.

compiling needs to be single threaded so it takes forever. It always reminds me of this XKCD while I'll wait.

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Realised I had been sitting on some patches for the package for a while, so hopefully it will get release today or tomorrow. Fixed snmpd so it can reload and some odd perl timing issue.

Thanks Internet for reminding me of this classic ...

Heisenberg and Schrödinger get pulled over for speeding.

The cop asks Heisenberg "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Heisenberg replies, "No, but we know exactly where we are!"

The officer looks at him confused and says "you were going 108 miles per hour!"

Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, "Great! Now we're lost!"

The officer looks over the car and asks Schrödinger if the two men have anything in the trunk.

"A cat," Schrödinger replies.

The cop opens the trunk and yells "Hey! This cat is dead."

Schrödinger angrily replies, "Well he is now."

Seems for some reason a lot of eBay compressed air vendors are scammers.

Listing says: 2x cans, picture of 2 cans for $20.
Click on it: we mean 20 each if you buy two.


Right in his element with all the other Slytherin, yup.

Space drama with a political twist. This place is all to do with shapes and numbers which kind of provide a magical effect.

So what happens if someone barges in to your galaxy and upsets the count?

(comment on "Ninefox Gambit")

A sneak peek of my realtime project tiny cabin! Some minor things are still on my todo list. But the release will be coming soon😄
#sketchfab #3dart #animation #tinyworld #tinycabin #tree #forestspirits

The sidereal day is the time it takes the Earth to rotate once on its axis.

It is shorter than the solar day we use to measure time due to the Earth moving in its orbit so the Sun will appear to have moved and a little more time is needed for it to make it back to the meridian.

Hey Fedi, do you know if there is a federated (perhaps even #ActivityPub-powered) cooking recipe hosting service? If not, let's 👏 make 👏 this 👏 happen!

I hate modern recipe websites. All of them are full with ads and tracking. The leading recipe hosting in my country loads over 30 different trackers, and that's excluding the ads!

How does a network engineer try to comfort a switch that's feeling down?

First he tries to tell it to ssh... And if that doesn't work, he'll try to console it.

#dadJoke #networks #ssh

Thanks to the fearless efforts of laboratory physicists and chemists, we know exactly what colors of light different types of gas and molecules absorb.

For an exoplanet this works because the planet looks ever so slightly bigger (blocks out more star light) at colors that are absorbed by the atmosphere

So when we see the planet look slightly bigger at certain colors, we can say "hey, there must be Water or Oxygen or CO2 etc!"

(graphic from @/ExoplanetPete on birdapp)

#SpaceTalkTuesday 23/

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