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@Gargron The fun of widely distributed software.

Final RC release: yep, looks pretty good, no real problems here.

(Tag it mainline and hit the go button)

Mainline release: OMG how did everyone, including me, miss that?!

Good morning. I feel embarrassed again because I *did* forget to bump the in-code version string to 1.4.5 yesterday night. I was asked about the performance regression in 1.4.4 by a friend (I didn't announce 1.4.4 for this reason - didn't want anyone to upgrade to that yet, since I discovered the regression only after releasing), so I was like "yeah, I know, we have a fix for that, let me tag it real quick" 😩

Yo yo yo!

#Mastodon v1.4.6 is released. I have not announced 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 (for a reason) so most will probably be upgrading straight from 1.4.3. For the full changelog, I do recommend looking through those two releases, but upgrade instructions are simple:


Notably, the "NSFW" button has been replaced with an eye icon for consistency, hashtag timelines now update in real time as they should, and spinny text is gone

@TipsyTentacle @grainloom all my computers are named after Muppets. Kermit, zoot, Rolf, Elmo, Waldorf, Rizzo, Piggy, Anniesue, Scooter

Probably a few I have missed

@architect how else can the vendor charge $$$ if it were "just" BSD or Linux?

At some place...

You're using telnet ?
You're using type 5 Cisco secrets?

Hey, we're using SNMPv3 so we're secure, right?

@maiyannah I've seen it from both sides where the bug report looks like they have not read the documents or where I have got an answer like that.

Usually saying you have read the docs and been specific about where it's gone wrong "section 2 says press 3rd option but which screen do they mean" helps.

Programmers know their programs and often have a blind spot on assumed knowledge.

There is way more strange but interesting art and less advertising in languages I don't understand in this place.