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I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

@smallsees @alexbuzzbee

.blink {
animation: blinkingText 2s infinite;
@keyframes blinkingText {
0% { opacity: 0.1 }
17% { opacity: 0.1; }
33% { opacity: 0.66; }
67% { opacity: 1; }
83% { opacity: 0.83; }
100% { opacity: 0.1; }
#css #cssisawesome

Not sure how all these are books. @mwlucas book is number three but a book on number twos is number four.

Incidentally, you're ahead of Stallings who is at #12

has various methods for authentication which is a way of proving you should have access to the query.

The story of AES authentication is a little sad. For AES-128, it's simple as RFC3826 added it and DES.

However, AES-192 and 256 were not added by the RFC and there are two standards; Cisco is IETF draft Blumenthal. The difference is only in the OIDs they use but if your sender uses one and receiver the other, it won't work.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

Vivaldi browser's reasoning for not releasing it as FOSS.

This is either intentional bullshit, or just a collection of common FUD and misconceptions about being open.

You ABSOLUTELY CAN be free and open-source, while maintaining strict UI guidelines and brand integrity.

Projects like @elementary and @gnome prove the living hell out of it.

"I sent you an OMEMO encrypted message but your client doesn’t seem to support that."

Ever seen this sad story in #XMPP land? But your client does support #OMEMO? Such issues can be tricky to debug sometimes.

We just published a new #Prosody module, mod_debug_omemo. It adds a unique link to the end of these messages. When opened, it will reveal OMEMO debug info that can help identify why the message couldn't be decrypted.

Thanks to @zash for some last-minute testing and fixes 🙂

"Greetings-" the tall, cowled figure said gravely.
"Wait, wait, let me guess. Are you Death?"
"Good, good. Fate, then?"
"Damn. Hm. Are you Adventure?"
"Fame? Fortune?"
"No. I am-"
"Wait, are you Love?"
"I am Contentment. I think I'm looking for someone else."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Went out for a bit and took a photo of the beacon on top of the mountain.

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