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I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

I'm not sure if this makes the answer any easier, but it gives more points of view.

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How much memory does a process really use?

That's actually harder to answer than it looks at first. The issue is a process can share memory between processes, such as common shared libraries.

ps now has added two new fields: pss and uss

PSS is proportional segment size. So if 4 processes share 4096 kB then their PSS is 1024 kB.

USS is unique segment size, which is non-swapped not shared memory for the process.

I've got a good one;)

Imagine that for one year you can have only one of those. Which one would it be?

P.S.: you know what to do to get a better result πŸ”

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Did you play or ?

There's a new walk around and find stuff game coming out based upon Catan!

Getting chickenpox when you're middle aged sucks.

Getting it the day after your covid jab sucks even more. I thought I was having some strange side effect.

Philip K Dick fans: I want to read more of this guy's books, but don't know where to start.

I read "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" - loved the story, hated the ending. Great concept, bad payoff.

I'm aware of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", "The Minority Report", "The Adjustments Bureau", "A Scanner Darkly", and "Ubik", but have read none of them. Are there any other gems I should add to the list?

> The Verge, which is owned by Vox Media, transitioned to offering its content on Google Docs before internet users swarmed the doc and started editing (editors accidentally left the page unrestricted).



She gasped, staring up at the tall handsome figure whose needle-like fangs were bared in a sultry grimace.

"Your skin," she murmured, unable to ignore the fact it shimmered like glitter.

The vampire sighed, placing several cleaning supplies onto the counter to be rung up, "I had a crafting accident."

"Oh that sucks! I had one of those last year, I'm still struggling with it," she sympathized. "Paper or plastic?"

"I have my own bag."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Here is art by Sesame Street performer Caroll Spinney.

It raises some intriguing questions

Off to get the corona jab, I'll let you know how the 5G reception is

@smallsees He could've called it "CoCoin", and its stock symbol could've been the πŸ‘ƒ emoji.

I once spent two weeks downloading a WinXP ISO off Kazaa via dialup.

It booted to Goatse.

The only reasonable response was seeding that ISO to many others.

This is probably why I am so obsessed signatures on software artifacts.

You Exec spam 

I got two spam emails apparently from You Exec. Spam is nothing new but there were some interesting points about it:

It used my first name, rare for spam I see

One of the two emails went to a specific email address I used on GitHub.

It came from domain which looks like it's registered to the same place as, so someone hasn't locked their AWS down properly.

sure, easy enough to be the dancing queen when you're seventeen, but have you thought about what you'll do when you're seventy-five? the tambourine will not be so kind then, madam.

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