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I just realised my intro went when my instance crashed all those months ago.

Anyhow, hello (again) I am developer and a programmer including and I write stuff in and

Besides my interests include bike riding, or and reading, mostly There is also a starting interest in

My day job is a senior working on some very large and strange computer networks.

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The quickest possible checkmate in chess is known as Fool's Mate. (Animation: winston365)

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Did Picard borrow some spaceship interior design / layout notes from The Expanse?

5G lunatics are the best lunatics.

The latest thing I've heard is the somehow linked coronavirus with 5G!

It goes something like coronavirus ➡️ corona ➡️ electrical corona ➡️ something something electrical ➡️ 5G

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Apparently it is day and what better thing than to work on

Of course its a C program so you know what that means? Finding why the thing runs over its buffer, because its C.

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Our sister organisation also sent their gratitude and greetings to #FreeSoftware contributors on #ilovefs day. They also raise awareness about the need for more privacy-respecting dating apps:

WaPo has an article on previously one of the leading vendors of old school encryption equipment used by governments and others around the world.

The twist? It was secretly owned by the CIA and BND. They rigged the encryption so they could listen in.

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"Light the beacons when you need our aid, and we shall come!"
With that, they left.
Years passed in peace. The beacons, once looked after, were at last forgotten, unlit.
The monitoring satellite left in Earth's orbit by the aliens still watches, ready to relay a call for aid.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Switch power supplies are easy to buy at retail.

And Xbox? Go to the MS support site, you can order a region-local power supply to any billing address (i.e. they mail an NA supply to a NA address).

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I recently finished reading 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson.

You can never say the world building is done by half and there was a lot of that going on. However the plot and the flow of the story suffered because of it.

It's great for reading about some cool ideas about living in space but as a story it was a bit of a chore, especially the last few chapters. The fragment chapters, John Brunner did this way better 50 years ago.

Think Blue Mars in a broader area and no politics

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As things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention

-- Talking Heads

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar was inspired by a hole punch.

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introducing the Roko's Basilisk Trolley Problem

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Yeeeees, great, thank you, Cisco.

"A vulnerability in the Cisco Discovery Protocol implementation for Cisco NX-OS Software could allow an unauthenticated, adjacent attacker to execute arbitrary code or cause a reload on an affected device."

Excellent when you're running hosting services where customer-controlled hardware is attached to your switches. (We don't, but upgrading our UCS FIs is inevitable.)

Also a DOS condition for IOS XE:


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