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Craig Small 🍅 @smallsees

I loved a lot of his stories but his short story collection in "A Tupolev Too Far" is one of my favourites.
Science fiction great Brian Aldiss, 92, dies at his Oxford home

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Had to do a quick changeover from back to my juniper gateway. For some reason the pfsense firewall crashes and continually reboots.

Add in a whole bunch of Xwayland or xorg problems on the host I use to access the pfsense VM and it wasn't a fun evening

Number Theory both interests me and hurts my head

@Gargron how quick do people upgrade? It seems a matter of days with the last one with a tail out for the stragglers.

If the bulk of the instances upgrade rather quickly I'd disable it in this upgrade so the issue is fixed. That way people on instance version 2.0 know their private roots are handled the "right way"

Should the ActivityPub-enabled Mastodon be bumped to version 2.0 as opposed to 1.6?

In a similiar vein, would you want private toot federation over OStatus to be immediately disabled in that ActivityPub-enabled version (temporarily black-holing potential toots while the fediverse slowly upgrades), or to keep it in for one more version as a transitory period?

Wow that last PR for really did mess up the history. Jim thinks I should rebase first but I thought a PR would have kept up (guess it depends on who's requesting it).

OK, 3.4.0 compiles, but won't for 32 bit architectures. I'm seriously considering just dropping them for the packages as its a niche program for a niche architecture.

Things masto needs. A search function. I say that as a complete tech ignoramus having no clue of the implications for things like server load that would create. The best thing about twitter is its search functionality. But then birdsite is also overridden with pretty terrible interpersonal politics and nazis. So. On balance I can live without the gotcha culture that search functionality brings.

@gamingonlinux Looks like a great game but not for me on my sad hardware :(

@Gargron looks like you need to add polls 🤣

@Gargron I loved the book. Hope it's not going to be one of those book good, movie bad situations.

Still the casting looks interesting.